Our Team is Your Team. We handle the details, so you can focus on selling...

Tired of running your business by yourself?  You now have a turn-key team of professionals at your fingertips from customer service to repairs to leasing and more!   Have a question, we're here for you!  Or better yet, your customers can call us and not you :-)


How It Works

We keep it simple.  You offer property management services to your clients who are holding rental property.  We do the work.  We are your secret weapon back office team taking the calls, responding to emails, coordinating repairs all of the other day to day things that pop up.   Monthly statements come branded with your name and logo! 


What's It Cost?

Nothing out of pocket!  Our wholesale management fees are based on gross monthly rental amount, very competitive and leave room for margin.

You set the retail fee and keep over and above our minimum rate.

Rates can vary based on number of properties, rental rates. etc.

Your relationship manager will work with you on the details. 

Menu of Services...

Getting Started is Easy...



We can do this by phone or we are happy to visit your office or you can come to ours!   Whatever is easiest, we'll make it happen.



If you already have properties you manage, or you are just starting to find property management clients we'll work with you on the hand off.



If you were handling homes should now have MORE TIME to focus on higher margin projects such as SELLING HOMES.  And now that you offer management, your retention level should increase which means more business.


I focus on home sales. What's the benefit of offering property management services?

One Word....RETENTION.  In most cases, you sell a home and it's one and done.  The chances of you and the client keeping for the next 2-5 years is slim to none.  But, if you work with buyers who are holding properties as rentals or have listings that didn't sell and opted to rent instead...those are perfect scenarios for being able to continue your relationship by offering to lease and manage the home for them until the market  is better suited for their needs.  You can take it one step further and offer property management services to clients who already have property and create totally new opportunities that never would have existed otherwise.  Every property added to your portfolio is one more client you are retaining and who is seeing your brand on a monthly basis.  

What if my clients ask questions I can't answer?

You may have never really focused on Property Management but we're betting you actually know a lot more than you realize!  Being a resource does not mean you know every detail of every possible question and most clients do not want to be overwhelmed with tons of information anyway.  We will equip you with a simple and easy info pack with everything your client needs to get started.  If they have any in depth scenarios or issues, you will have your property management team  AKA "us" give them a call to go over it.  Easy peasy.  Never be afraid of not having all the answers as long as you know where to find them! 

Talk to me about liability...

When you sign your clients up for property management services, Modern Real Estate Shop is the Broker of that service.  If you have ever brokered a loan or insurance, it's an identical process.  You as a Broker are simply "reselling" our management services to clients.  Your name is not on the contract so you are not a party to the actual transaction of the management agreement or lease.

Do I have to have a certain number of homes for you to take on?

Absolutely not!  We are happy to handle just one home or hundreds of homes for your brokerage.  Even if you don't have any properties at the moment, we can work with you to show you how to get started.

How do you refer my clients back to me in the event they want to sell?

It's simple.  For starters, each month we will send out your client an income statement branded with your name and logo which keeps you in the minds of the client.  This is your client, and we are your management team handling the day to day.  If during a conversation, they indicate an interest in selling, they ask for comps, or a critical mile marker is coming up such as a vacancy, lease renewal or an eviction...we will let you know to give the client a call to talk options.   

Can I manage commercial properties, too?

Of course!  We can handle the operations for any type of property whether it be a single family, multi-family (no limit on units), HOA, or commercial building.  

How about vacation rentals?

Yes!  Right now we are focused on the Palm Springs / Coachella Valley area for vacation rentals but if you have multiple properties in another area that you would like to talk to us about, we are happy to have that discussion. 

What areas do you cover?

We provide property management services in the following counties:  San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego

Contact us...

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Better yet, see us in person!

If you'd like to see our operation, drop us a line and one of our relationship managers will call you to set up an appointment to come to our offices or we are happy to come to yours as well!  You can check out our team here:

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